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Keep up the good work!
I have a two year old and 10 year old who have attended this facility for quite a while. I have had a few of those "kids will be kids" moments they have to learn from but the staff has been very attentive to my concerns. Teachers and management are great. Keep it up!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE his teachers past and present!
I started my son here when he was 3 and a half. He had a rough start because this was his first experience away from mommy and daddy, but he quickly grew to love it! The staff at the front are knowledgeable and always greet us! The locked doors where you have to be buzzed in are great! It is always clean, and the kids get really good snacks and lunch. The people who work here are so kind and patient with kids, and I can tell they really love their kids and job! My only regret is not putting him in daycare sooner. He has learned so much! By the time he started pre k he knew his abc's and numbers and colors! He moved on to the 4 year old class with Mrs.Delores. She is such a caring and amazing teacher! I was sad when he turned 5 and moved to a different class, but his current teacher is just as great and he always has fun stories to tell me about his day. She is also helping him learn to finish his daily work. He would never finish just scribble. I've seen so much improvement! I'm so proud of my big boy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE his teachers past and present! My other son started when he was 18 months. He is still having a hard time at drop offs, but when I check on my phone and see him on the cameras he is always playing and having fun. The amount of knowledge he has gained here in the first few months was great, but now it is amazing! He is 2 and know's his ABC's, how to count to 10, some colors, and just talks so well! Everyday he says something new to amaze me. He sings songs he learns in class, and the sign language! OMG! He knows quite a few signs and it just amazes me everytime I see him use them! I highly recommend this daycare! You will not regret it!
Jessica B.
True Gems!
I absolutely ADMIRE this Kids R Kids location because of their staff/teachers. The two Mr Michaels are rockstars- always smiling and extremely helpful. They take pretty good care of your kids- you have to cut them some slack coz c'mon sometimes we can barely handle our own kids. But over all, the people working here are the true gems. Ms. Delores is an amazing teacher-she has been teacher of the year. My daughter learned a lot from her. Thanks ya'll!
Zara Q.
My daughter attends KIDS R KIDS 17 in Stafford.
My daughter has been in home childcare since she was 6 weeks old, now being 4; it was time to put her in a school program. I had a lot of anxiety about finding the right place for her and looked at several schools. From the moment I walked in and Michael greeted me, I had a good feeling. He was very informative, took me on a tour and I knew in my heart this was the place to be. My child LOVES her school. She wants to tell everyone about it. We love the teachers; we love the entire staff and the environment. I tell everyone how pleased we are with the school and HIGHLY recommend the school to anyone who is looking. We are expecting our 2nd child this winter and I love the security I feel knowing that he will be attending KIDS R KIDS as well. The only thing I regret is that I didn't starting her sooner.
M Butler
My child is happier than she was at her previous daycare!
I feel strongly about the positive learning environment, as well as the love and care that my child receives. Kids R Kids in Stafford, TX has an amazing staff with a loving and caring atmosphere. I honestly believe the owners create a daycare center that is safe and strive to provide high quality service. Kids R Kids-Stafford, TX has a well-rounded and complete curriculum that challenges her academically as well as emotionally. During the few shorts weeks in the Toddler Room I truly see her growth. For example, she walks to her bookshelf and grabs a book and sits down and opens it. That’s when I know she is ready for a story! This school does a terrific job connecting with parents and I look forward to my child growing with them over the next few years.
S Tucker
Yes I love to send my kid to Kids R Kids
I feel that for a child to grow we require good atmosphere, good facility with cleanliness and above all the great teachers not only to teach them but to ignite the thrust of learning process. I believe that Kids R Kids has the combination of above all. It has all the advanced as well traditional approaches to teach a kid.
Shweta Nagaraj Jaka
Kids R Kids is a nice and good place to be for kids
Starting from director and the administrative assistants, always smiling, very friendly and willing to help always. The teachers do an awesome job when it comes to teaching our kids especially my son. He is writing letters and numbers, which I am, impress and learning a lot. So yes, I love bringing my child because i believe the environment is safe and do a lot of activities for the kids during summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas program etc.
Yemisi Ayobami
I feel at peace when I drop my daughter off
I am so very thankful to the teachers that my daughter has in Kids R Kids. Ms. Tamara, Ms. Nikko and Ms. Shae are so loving and kind. My daughter loves them so much. Every time I drop her off, I feel at peace because I know that they care about my daughter. She is learning her letters, constantly singing songs she learns from school and I'm often surprised to see how much they teach her. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia
Our Second Family
My daughter has been going to KRK since she was 12 weeks old, now she is four. As a first time mommy I had...issues. From the infant room to the pre-school room all the teachers have been truly a blessing. When I had questions about anything they were understanding and helpful. The teachers really go above and beyond for the children as well as the parents. My daughter knows three languages being English, Spanish and sign language. Sometimes I have to ask her to speak to me in English! Her knowledge as a four year old is really amazing. This is all because of teachers at KRK. The teachers and other staff at KRK really are our second family and I am not sure where we would be without them.
Dawn Bellis - TX
My Son is Happy!
My 3 years old son has been in kids R kids, 14 months already. He loves his school and he is really happy here. He started in 200 room with Ms. Shae and Ms. Tamara and they were so lovely and careful with him that I don`t have enough words to express my thankfulness. My son has learned so many things in here, I am sure he is happy because as soon as he crosses the front door he is smiling. The whole personel is really polite and they care about all the kids. I can say that my son is really attached to them, every day he wants to say goodbye to all his teachers in the different suites. This daycare really covers all my needs: to see my child happy, safe and healthy.
Araceli Valera - TX
Teacher Appreciation
About Ms. Delores Moran Where do I begin? My child Jenovia is transitioning into another classroom, but before she leaves, I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude. Ms. Delores in room 400 is an awesome teacher! When Jenovia started in her classroom, I was a little skeptical, because at times Jenovias behavior is a little challenging. I was unsure if Ms. Delores could handle her and she did by the grace of God. Jenovia was blessed to have gotten her as a teacher. Jenovia loved her class from the start and never got bored. I think that the goal of a good teacher should be giving children a positive learning experience, and Ms. Delores did just that. A teacher shows children that learning is fun and gaining knowledge is its own reward. Ms. Delores understands that, and excelled at making each day exciting and fun for my child. The activities she planned, the room she decorated, and the funny stories she expressed about Jenovia to me on her progression were warm and emotional. It was comforting to know that not only is Jenovia receiving a great beginning education, but she is happy to get assigned homework from Ms. Delores once a week. Ms. Delores is an great asset to Kids-R-Kids#17. She made a positive impact on my childs early childhood education. I appreciate it, and Jenovia does too. Ms. Delores will be missed! Thanks for everything! Jacqueline Phelps
Jacqueline Phelps - TX
Can`t say enough good things
My son, Evan, was with Kids R Kids for about 5-6 months and he loved every single day there. Unfortunately, we had to relocate to Denver, CO for my job, or else he would still be at Kids. Everybody at the center, from the ladies at the front desk to the Infant team (Ms April, Ms Samantha, Ms Bev, Ms Pepa) went out of their way to make my son feel special, happy and loved. On his last day, he was presented with cards, gifts and they even threw a mini farewell party for him. The great thing about babies is they do not know how to be fake, and whenever our car pulled up outside the daycare, his face would light up into a huge smile and his legs would start to kick, and I knew that he genuinely loved being there and couldn`t wait to get in and be with his friends. We have exchanged contact information with some of the staff to keep in touch - that is how close the bond gets between you and the Kids team. Evan is my first child and this was the first time we ever used a daycare, and at first I was very afraid of leaving my son with strangers, especially with some of the awful things you hear about in the media. But the worrying was over by end of the first day. He was cared for to the point of being spoiled and has become a bright, lively, healthy, happy little boy, and I attribute a lot of that to his time at Kids. Also, the place is secure (with a locked front door), a code needing to be entered when you drop off and pick up, and his room was always clean and organized. This is a genuine review from a real parent, and if anybody would like to ask me any questions, feel free to reach me at dadonnelly@gmail.com. Thank you!
Daniel Donnelly - TX
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